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Let LeadPro Datasystems manage your database. We provide list management which turns your data into cash. Whether you have a list of timeshare owners, magazine subscribers, people with derogatory credit, CC leads, lists of cellphone numbers or anything involving telemarketing, mailing or email marketing LeadPro can partner up with you for a mutual benefiting experience. We can run your data through the "do not call", suppress your data, provide phone number or email appends or even format your data for predictive dialers. We can run your data through the NCOA ( National Change of Address ) so you can turn your old leads into new sales. Let our friendly staff assist you! New Businesses List - 50,000 Weekly Search by type of business, home or commercial based, geography and other great selections. New Homeowners & Movers List - 300,000 Weekly Millions of consumers move annually - each with significant buying potential. Updated weekly this list of prospects can't be beat. List of 725,000 Doctors, 175,000 Dentists & More Reach the lucrative healthcare market. Find physicians & surgeons, dentists, hospital personnel and healthcare facilities. Top Executives List by Title and Ethnicity With over 30 executive titles to choose from, you can reach the key decision-maker you need! Wealthy Professionals List Top professionals have purchasing power and the need for your products and services. List of Bankruptcy Filers & Tax Liens Perfect for selling financial services, secured credit cards, rent to own products and more. List of 1.5 Million Canadian Businesses Search by type of business, sales volume, number of employees, geography and more. We offer Targetd lead selections that are unsurpassed in our industry. Combine this with our exclusive online proposal and you have turn key direct marketing system with high response rates. Before Promoting your business with telemarketing, it would be wise to consider how you will target your call list. A marketing strategy for telemarketing should try to achieve all of your aims and objectives for your particular calling goals. Not only should you make sure that your products and services are highlighted on the telemarketing script, but you should also make sure that the right people are targeted. Telemarketing can be a cheap and easy way to implement advertising. It can be very effective as a direct response tool. Also effective is postal marketing. The best way to make sure that your telemarketing and postal advertising elicits a response is to make sure that you are targeting the right people with an offer that appeals to their common traits.Our telemarketing list databases consist of people who are not only users of your products and services, but actively need to purchase from a company like yours. We can help you narrow down these telemarketing prospects by using over 500 different criteria to guarantee that you will put your marketing offer in front of the people who will most want to hear from you. Mortgage Marketing Lists - Find Exclusve marketing products designed specifically for the mortgage industry, these are proven products that work for hundreds of mortgage companies nationwide, references are available, click here for a beta of our 9 amazimg products. Magazine Subscribers - Reach Consumers by interest and behavior, we have long term relationships with most of the major data managers in the US, even if you are having trouble getting approved, we can help you design a compliant script or mail piece.Magazine Subscribers List can be crreated a number of different ways. Be sure to see our opt-in email list department about our 2FREE EMAIL BROADCASTS offer with your first email lead generation order.Business Lists - We own and maintain one of the largest and most accurate business databases in the US, our prices reflect the fact that we will not have to pay royalties. Our prices will not be beat! Consumer Lists - From Hard to find databases to court house data, we have access to all of the major compilers in the country, if you use data in volume we can set you up with your own access to run counts and querrys in most major databases for industries like Mortgage, Insurance, automotive, health care and many more. Consumer Lists - From Hard to find databases to court house data, we have access to all of the major compilers in the country, if you use data in volume we can set you up with your own access to run counts and querrys in most major databases for industries like Mortgage, Insurance, automotive, health care and many more.Telemarketing is a $400 billion a year business. Are your call lists getting your share of that profit? Telemarketing Lists can be very important to your telemarketing campaign. When done correctly, telemarketing can be a highly effective technique. However, it can be a huge waste of money if you lack the right sources and tools.One of the most effective telemarketing techniques involves calling customers and prospective clients to make an offer and hopefully sell your products and/or services. A common practice of contacting new customers is to profile your best existing customers to model your telemarketing list after their best common traits, we can do this for you by uploading and comparing your data to known data within credit bureau and other compiled database You can also target your telemarketing lists to make an offer to other businesses that want or need your businesses services. With the right business lists and by setting up your company to make quick follow-ups by returning calls right away, you can ensure an increase in your revenue.One secret to a successful telemarketing campaign is to have the most up to date and detailed lists available.Use our ability to provide direct mail using Powerful Mortgage Marketing Lists developed just for lenders and brokers including Exact Credit Score Lists directly from the Credit Bureau's. Our Mortgage Refinance Leads pave the way providing fresh and up-to-date mailings. Learn how to use solid Refinance Leads or even use our up to date, Business Marketing Lists.As one of the few companies that are able to provide you with Credit Bureau Data Directly From The Source, we can deliver 100% QUALIFIED prospects that actually need your service. Another very important service is keeping your data acquisition compliant with the ever changing rules provided by the FTC. Contact us now for fast counts and pricing.Our credit bureau, mortgage trigger leads, and lead gen services include Credit Scored data, Automotive loan Information, Bankruptcy lead lists Mortgage Information INCLUDING late payments of 30-60-90 or 120 days and equity amounts (see a full list of mortgage list selects here).In direct mail testing is the process of sending out your list using credit score targeted direct mail piece or package (better), Tracking the replies and coming to a conclusion based on the pre- qualification of the results. In traditional credit scored direct mail tests, two or more mailings or segments of mailings are tested against one another simultaneously, to see which one pulls in more orders, or you might take a direct mail piece and mail it to two different credit score lists from separate credit bureaus to check the responses.Many marketers who use credit ranking only do minimal testing certainly not as much as you could and should. Every time you do a targets mailing using a credit score list you should be testing out something new to see what it can do for your company and its bottom line. We so far too many companies simply settle for “good enough results just because it was profitable.� The whole reason for acquiring a credit targeted mailing list, which costs a premium, is to increase and KEEP increasing your mailings results. U.S. privacy laws are increasingly moving from a presumption that consumers must object to ("opt out" of) uses of personal data they wish to prohibit to a requirement that they must explicitly consent ("opt in ") to uses they wish to permit. Despite the growing reliance on opt-in rules, there has been little empirical research on their costs. This Article examines the impact of opt-in on MBNA Corporation, a diversified, multinational financial institution. The authors demonstrate that opt-in would raise account acquisition costs and lower profits, reduce the supply of credit and raise credit card prices, generate more offers to uninterested or unqualified consumers, raise the number of missed opportunities for qualified consumers, and impair efforts to prevent fraud. These costs would be incurred despite the fact that as of the end of 2000, only about two percent of MBNA's customers had taken advantage of existing voluntary opportunities to opt out of receiving MBNA's direct mail marketing offers. If Congress were to adopt opt-in laws applicable to financial information, the impact across the economy on consumers and businesses would be significant.Whatever your markeing needs are there is a perfect group of prospects out there and we can help you market to them. Contact us no matter how bizzar or impossible yor needs may seem to be, we have heard it all, and 99.99% of the time we get it right on the nose. Targeting your specialty List to the affluent can be done with an experienced list broker for many reasons, sometimes what may seem like a possible client turns out to be someone in the business of symbolizing wealth. This is a segment of the American market that really has no discretionary money with which to buy anything let alone pay the dues at the country club, if someone has $10K in investable assets but is having a very difficult time paying his bills he is probably not in the league of those with business investment needs. Current Specialty List brokers are privy to the results of past clients, they know that while you may request a catalog of prospects who are truly affluent today, you may also want to look at those who will be affluent tomorrow. For instance a young lawyer who makes $75K annually may not be a first choice as you are selecting criterion; but the savvy specialty list broker will know that if the same lawyer was primed and aspiring to become a partner of his firm in the next year, his average annual income could then exceed $350K; so while he may have little presently to invest, his law school information with the input of his age would make him a credible candidate for a financially sound future. New Business data is collected every week from local government sources. Our information is never more then one step away from the source, and is always the freshest source of new business leads for your area.



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